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10 Great Christmas Gifts for A Real Mancunian

Manchester is a city rich with history and culture. The Mancunians are proud of their heritage and the contribution their city has played in the development of the nation as a whole. They were the major hub for factories during the industrial revolution, which put pushed England towards the modern era ahead of its competitors at the time. Also, the city is the birthplace of many great artists and musicians and is home to two of the greatest football clubs in the world. There are many things that a proud Mancunian will love to get as a Christmas present. Here are the best 10 ideas for a Christmas gift that a Mancunian will love!

Cornerhouse Membership

Cornerhouse on Oxford Road is moving to Whitworth Street soon, but they still offer the same service. It’s a cinema and visual art museum. You can find anything from old, artsy, indie to blockbuster films. These are the types of films that you can’t find in a regular cinema elsewhere. Do you want Spaghetti Western? You got it. Niche movies with cult followers and Q&As with the filmmakers? No problem. This is the place where film lovers will truly appreciate, so why not give your film-nerd friend a membership card of this place?

Coronation Street: Golden Anniversary Collection

The nation’s favourite soap opera now comes in a 12-disc box set with a variety of perks inside. While Coronation Street might be in Salford, but the show was hugely popular in Manchester. The box set includes classic episodes from the past 50 years, behind the scene bloopers, Q&A with the production team, and more. For a true Coronation Street fan, this is exactly what they need for those cold, rainy winters at home.

The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club

This is a book about how the famous club: The Haçienda, lost its prominence and became just an ordinary apartment block. It’s a story of triumph and failure, rise and fall of a great business that will captivate the reader with every page. Written by the co-owner Peter Hook, also the writer of Joy Division and New Order, it’s an unusual story and a one of a kind memoir. It’s a perfect gift for those who are looking for an interesting read about the part of the club business that you won’t get to see often.

The Little Book of Manchester

Most of the time, people who live in a certain city don’t know its history in depth, and the Mancunians aren’t immune from this fact. The aptly named The Little Book of Manchester is a pocket-sized history book that tells you all you need to know about the city. From the reign of the Roman Empire, the middle ages, the industrial revolution to the present day, it’s a full history of the region. You will find the stories of historical figures who shaped the city and the nation into what it is today. It’s a perfect gift for a Mancunian who’s looking to get in touch with their heritage and know more about where they came from. They won’t look at the city the same way after finishing this book.

L.S. Lowry Prints

Lawrence Stephen Lowry is an artist from Stretford, Manchester renowned for his depiction of the Manchester and Salford areas. His works are displayed in the Manchester Art Gallery, as well as the cinema and art museum venue that was named after him; The L.S. Lowry. The L.S. Lowry Prints features some of his most famous works, like The Football Match, Coming Home From The Mill and Head Of A Man With Red Eyes and the famous 1954’s Piccadilly Gardens. It’s like a memoir in print form, dating from his earliest works to his latest. For a Mancunian who loves art and the work of L.S. Lowry, this is the gift to get.

Manchester – A Football History

Manchester is, without a doubt, one of the most football-crazed cities in the world, and for good reason. Mancher United and Manchester City are two great clubs that have been competing at the biggest stages for decades. The book was printed in 2008, missing City’s highest point by a few years, but trace the history of the football clubs back to the 17th century. From the rise of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson to all of the clubs’ biggest stars, this book provides the most comprehensive guide to the history of the sports in the area. It’s a perfect gift to get for a football lover, especially a fan of the Manchester’s clubs.

Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain

Sometimes, an old photograph to reminisce the good old days can be the best thing one can have. It’s the precious memories of the past that doesn’t fail to make us smile, and this collection of photos is exactly that. Taken and curated by the Manchester native Kevin Cummins, this collection of the development of Manchester is a must have. Featuring shots of The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Oasis and more, along with texts contribution from Paul Morley, Gavin Martin, John Harris and other big names. It’s a gift that true Mancunian music fans will surely love.

 Manchester Modernist – Greetings Cards

For someone who loves art, the Manchester Modernist Greeting Cards are perfect little gifts that they will surely appreciate. The set includes unique modern buildings like the Essoldo Cinema, Kendal Milne, Piccadilly Plaza and other quirky buildings around the Manchester area. Check out their website to see the full collection, along with other merchandise that a Mancunian art aficionado can’t afford to miss out on.

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