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Activities for Chinese New Year 2016

A guide to Chinese New Year 2016 activities in Thailand and Malaysia.

Traditionally, the festival was a time to honor ancestors. Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations throughout Asia. The celebration itself has 3 different purposes:

  • To celebrate the year you are leaving
  • To gather with family
  • To ring in good luck for the upcoming year


The festive celebration is to ring in the New Year with loud drums, red outfits, dragons, and more are used to scare away evil spirits. Through the 3 day period homes are also cleaned to make way for good look and superstitious residents give offerings for spiritual good favor.  These offerings range from burning bank notes, giving red envelopes to family with even dollar amounts inside, praying to deities, burning incense, lighting candles, and much more. The main color of the fest is red. It symbolizes a color of fire being used along with drums and firecrackers.

5 “Good Luck” foods to eat on Chinese New Year

  1. Tangerines and Oranges: as to bring wealth and luck
  2. Long Noodle: embody the concept of longevity
  3. Long Leafy Greens and Long Beans: such as Chinese Broccoli to wish a long life for parents
  4. Whole Fish: The Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for abundance, to ensure a good start and finish and to avoid bad luck throughout the year.”
  5. Sweets: Serving desserts brings a sweet life in the New Year.

A Brief Introduction to Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok is basically called “ Yaowarat” as its location centered round Yaowarat Road. It is an old business center that has been the main trading center by the Chinese Community since 200 years ago. Yaowarat Road is well known for its variety of foodstuffs, and at night turns into a large “food street” that draws tourists and locals from all over the city.

Here is our recommendation of places for Chinese food in Chinatown Bangkok

  • Din Tai Fung: It has been named as one of the World’s ten best restaurants by The New York Times also awarded a Michelin Star. It is a Taiwanese originated franchise. Their most famous menu is Xiao Long Bao which is the original juicy pork filling dumpling.
  • Hua Seng Hong Restaurant: Goose feet and noodles, sharks fin soup in a clay pot, and plenty of tender roast duck served with sweet sauce including selection of dim sum menu.DSCF1935
  • Lek&Rut: Located at Phadungdao intersection on Yaowarat Road. They server every type of seafood from fresh oysters to giant prawns, crab claws or even entire fresh fish with a variety of sauces. The tom yum soup is one of the recommended dishes.

Specialties of Compass Hospitality Hotels this Chinese New Year

  • The Continent Hotel: Chinese New Year Brunch – 6th-8th Feb 2016
  • Galleria10-12: Offer Angpow Bonanza 35% off on Food and Beverage – 5th-12th Feb2016

List of Hotels by Compass Hospitality which will give away a mini bag of orange for guests who checked-in on the 8th of Feb 2016

  • Admiral Premier
  • Admiral Suites
  • Adelphi Grande
  • Citin Garden Pattaya
  • Citin Johor Bahru (Hong Pao Special)
  • Citin Masjid Jamek (Hong Pao Special)
  • Citrus Kual Lumpur (Hong Pao Special)
  • Grand Swiss Hotel Bangkok (Hong Pao Special)

Chinese New Year Celebration in our Thailand and Malaysia Destinations


Bangkok – Yaowarat
A lively Celebration with a Great Chinese New Year Celebration of Bangkok will be on held on Yaowarat area, Lion dance, Fireworks including a special occasion walking street, busy roads will be closed and turn into a walking street at night during the celebration, varieties of street foods are all gathered at the same place.

PattayaChinese New Year Festival Pattaya City, February 7-8, 2016
Enjoy spectacular lion and dragon dances acrobatically performed atop a high wooden pole, Modern Chinese cultural performances will make use of multimedia but there will also be magic shows and a Miss Pattaya China Girl talent. Events will take place at Banglamung Chonburi province

Chiang Mai – Chinatown Chinese New Year 14 times, February 8-9, 2016
Enjoy a spectacular procession of dragon and lion dances, Chinese cultural and musical performances, at the city’s Trok Lao Zhou.

Samui Chinese New Year Samui,  February 7, 2016 – February 9, 2016 at the Shrine Chinese island of Hainan. Surat Thani Activity pay respect to the traditional parade of the Hainan Chinese grandpa and invite God to bless the children.



Chinatown, based in Petaling Street, is also known as Chee Cheong Kai (Strach Factory Street), a reference to its root as a tapioca-producing district. Deeply immersed in Oriental Culture, heritage and history, Chinatown is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia.

Chinatown is also a well-known bargain hunter’s paradise, a place where you can find all sorts of stuff from Chinese herbs to imitation goods. At night, Petaling street transforms into a lively and vibrant night market, filled with hundreds of stalls offering all kinds of goods at dirt-cheap prices, and the best thing is, the prices.

Kuala Lumpur

Staying in Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year you should definitely visit the Petaling Street area in Chinatown. Here the Chinese temples are crowded with locals that come there to pray. You can witness lion dances and people lighting fireworks. All shopping malls in the city showcase their Chinese New Years theme.

Hotel Suggestion: Citin Pudu by Compass Hospitality – only 3 minutes walking distance to the Chinatown.


Langkawi is another great place to visit during Chinese New Year. There are many beautiful temples in Georgetown, and all are crowded with Chinese Malaysians that come there to pray (mostly for health and prosperity during the new year). At night millions of colorful lamps transform the whole area in a beautiful scene. Locals come every night to witness the lights being turned on, it is a wonderful sight
Hotel Suggestion: Citin Hotel Langkawi

Johor Bahru

It is ushered in with the lighting of fire crackers at midnight on the eve of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
The Chingay Parade is an annual street parade held as part of Chinese New Year festivities, which is also held in Johor Bahru. The Chingay celebration started in the 19th century. The event was recorded by a European missionary and left a vivid description of the 19th century Chingay.

Hotel Suggestion: Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru

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