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Autumn Break

Autumn Breaks_Maple leaves_1024x768

What should you look for this “AUTUMN” in destinations like Thailand and Malaysia?

Try to close your eyes and imagine all the things that would come on your mind as soon as you hear the term “autumn”. Romantic weather, many-colored leaves which are slowly falling, fruits and flowers and all the beautiful things that are dominated by beautiful nature.

While somewhere else is cloudy and affected by coldness, Thailand & Malaysia are warm and sunny. With the tropical climate, make them ideal destinations for people to visit anytime of the year. Also, beautiful beaches where people can enjoy the sun and relax are perfect choices to have rejuvenating breaks. One more thing that you should definitely try when you visit Thailand or Malaysia is the “Moon Cake”

Some of the events that you should look out for this AUTUMN are:


1) Artbox Signature (Aug 28-30, 4pm) The biggest outdoor markets in Bangkok

Artbox Signature
Artbox Signature

2) Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (27 Sep, 2015) – during that period you can find delicious Thai-Chinese made “Moon Cake” in everywhere especially at China town, Yaowarat Rd.

Jalapeno and Chicken Bak-Kwah with White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncake (S$62 for box of four) | Photo Credit: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Moon Cake

3) The Amazing Tastes of Thailand @ Phuket (19-20 September, 2015) – Come to appreciate Thainess through Thai cuisine
phad thai goong sod

4) Muse Live in Bangkok (23 Sep, 2015)

Muse Live in Bangkok


1) Unesco World Heritage Exhibition @ Kuala Lumpur (Now – 31 December 2015)

2) Regatta Sarawak & Dragon Boat Regatta (1 – 30 September 2015) – a remarkable traditional longboat race that happens every year

3) Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge (11 September 2015 – 13 September 2015)

4) Malaysia Day Celebration (16 September 2015) – to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963.

Picture credits: BK Asia, official website of Tourism Malaysia, The Shutterwhale

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