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Stuff you need to have to enjoy the BIGGEST WATER FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD

Water Gun (Required)

Songkran is all about celebration as Thailand has a very hot Summer people splash water for fun and to celebrate the new year. The main equipment that’s required in this splashing activity is a WATER GUN which will help drive up the atmosphere of the water fight as you can fight back when people splash water to you. It’s all about water fighting.

Colorful clothes

For the New Year Celebration people dress up in colorful clothes to celebrate the new year celebration for a good Lively Thai New Year Day

Plastic Pocket Holder

Regarding to the celebration that has been mentioned in the beginning every single corner of Thailand will be covered with water somehow. And you’d need a plastic holder to protect your phone, money, keys or other important stuff that you need to carry out during Songkran, the Plastic Pocket Holder is the best answer for you in this situation as it’s 100%water prove.

Rain Coat & Plastic Boots

Raincoat and Plastic Boots are additional stuff for the festival. Some people have a creative talent to make the event even more creative with their dress. People wear them for fun

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