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Compass World Cup Bonanza

Football fever is spreading across the globe, and all of us at Compass Hospitality are excited as well! An event which we have waited for 4 years, is just a few days away. Hence celebrating this epic affair which is known as the Football World Cup 2018, we at Compass Hospitality organizing our “Compass World Cup Bonanza”. Participate in our campaign at our official facebook account and get an opportunity to win many fabulous dining prizes & free room nights at our hotels in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya & Chiang Mai), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru & Langkawi) & UK (Cardiff, Cheltenham, Coventry, Dundee, Eastbourne Glasgow, Halifax, Inverness, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Oxford & Shrewsbury)

How does this campaign work?

First Phase (14th June to 28th June): Just make a correct prediction on the results on the round robin or group stage game of the world cup 2018 & get chance to win our exclusive dining gift in Hotels in Thailand, Malaysia & UK. 3 winners would be selected per game.

Second Phase (30th June to 7th July): Just make a correct scoreline prediction on the results on Round of 16 Stage & Quarter Final games of the world cup 2018 & get chance to win our exclusive dining gift & exclusive room discount. 5 winners would be selected per game.

Third Phase (10th July to 14th July): Just make a correct scoreline prediction on the results on Semi Final & Third Place game of the world cup 2018 & get chance to win our exclusive dining gift & exclusive room discount. 5 winners would be selected per game.

Final Phase (15th July): Just make a correct scoreline prediction on the results on Semi Final & Third Place game of the world cup 2018 & get a chance to win our exclusive dining gift & free night. 10 winners would be selected per game.

How to Play this Campaign?

First Phase: Tag one of your friend along with the predicted result of the game plus hashtag destination & compass dining in the comment section of our Facebook post.
Example: England Win #Bangkok #CompassDining

Remaining Phases: Tag one of your friend along with the predicted scoreline of the game plus hashtag destination & compass dining/ compass hotels as per your desire to win dining or room prize in the comment section.
Example: England Win 1-0 #Cardiff #CompassHotels/#CompassDining

**Prediction is to be made on first 90-minute score only. In case of the game going to extra time or penalty than your prediction on winner & scoreline of first 90 minutes is only required.

Here is the list of participating hotels & amazing prizes that are in store for you.

First Phase:

Hotels in Bangkok Prize
Admiral Premier Free Lunch Set For 1
Citrus 11 Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
The Continent Hotel Free two bottle of beer
Compass Sky View Pints of Italian Craft draught beers at Mojjo Rooftop Lounge & Bar
Adelphi Grande Discount 30% on Food & Beverage
Galleria 10 20% Discount on F&B
Galleria 12 20% Discount on F&B
Hotels in Pattaya Prize
Citrus Parc Free Glass of Beer
Citrus Grande Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
Hotel In Chiang Mai Prize
Art Mai Gallery Hotel Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
Hotel in Malaysia Prize
Citrus Johor Bahru Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
Citin Seacare Pudu Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
Citin Masjid Jamek Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
Hotel in UK Prize
Lace Market Discount 10% on Food & Beverage
White Swan Discount 10% on Food & Beverage

Phase 2

Hotels in Bangkok Prize
Admiral Premier Free Lunch Set For 1 or 25% Discount on Room Rates
Citrus 11 Discount 25% on Food & Beverage or 25% Discount on Room Rates
The Continent Hotel Free Pizza & Bottle of Beer
Compass Sky View 20% discount on best available rate for a Grand Premier room Plus Complementary Pizza & 2 glasses of Red or White wine from selected wine list
Adelphi Grande Discount 30% on Food & Beverage or 25% Discount on Room Rates
Galleria 10 20% Discount on F&B
Galleria 12 20% Discount on F&B
Citin Pratunam 25% Discount on Room Rates
Omni Tower 25% Discount on Room Rates
Aspen Suites 25% Discount on Room Rates
Admiral Suites 25% Discount on Room Rates
Hotels in Pattaya Prize
Citrus Parc Discount 10% on Food & Beverage or 25% Discount on Room Rates
Citrus Grande Discount 20% on Food & Beverage or 25% Discount on Room Rates
Hotel In Chiang Mai Prize
Art Mai Gallery Hotel Discount 10% on Food & Beverage or 15% Discount on Room Rates
Hotel in Malaysia Prize
Citrus Johor Bahru Discount 10% on Food & Beverage & 15% Discount on Room Rates
Citin Seacare Pudu Discount 10% on Food & Beverage & 15% Discount on Room Rates
Citin Masjid Jamek Discount 10% on Food & Beverage & 15% Discount on Room Rates
Hotel in UK Prize
Lace Market Discount 25% on Food & Beverage or 10% Discount on Room Rates
White Swan Discount 25% on Food & Beverage

Phase 3

Hotels in Bangkok Prize
Admiral Premier Free Lunch Set For 1 or 50% Discount on Room Rates
Citrus 11 Complimentary a Set of Tapas or 50% Discount on Room Rates
The Continent Hotel Free Welcome Drink for 2
Compass Sky View Stay 2 nights pay one only in a Sky Grand Executive room (BAR rate) +  cocktail or mocktail of your choice with 3 bar snacks at Vanilla Sky rooftop Bar
Adelphi Grande Discount 30% on Food & Beverage or 50% Discount on Room Rates
Galleria 10 20% Discount on F&B
Galleria 12 20% Discount on F&B
Citin Pratunam 50% Discount on Room Rates
Omni Tower 50% Discount on Room Rates
Aspen Suites 50% Discount on Room Rates
Admiral Suites 50% Discount on Room Rates
Hotels in Pattaya Prize
Citrus Parc Free Happy Hour From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm or 50% Discount on Room Rates
Citrus Grande Discount 25% on Food & Beverage or 50% Discount on Room Rates
Hotel In Chiang Mai Prize
Art Mai Gallery Hotel Discount 15% on Food & Beverage & 20% Discount on Room Rates
Hotel in Malaysia Prize
Citrus Johor Bahru Discount 10% on Food & Beverage & 20% Discount on Room Rates
Citin Seacare Pudu Discount 10% on Food & Beverage & 20% Discount on Room Rates
Citin Masjid Jamek Discount 10% on Food & Beverage & 20% Discount on Room Rates
Hotel in UK Prize
Lace Market Discount 50% on Food & Beverage or 50% Discount on Room Rates
White Swan Discount 35% on Food & Beverage

Final Phase

Hotels in Bangkok Prize
Admiral Premier Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citrus 11 Complimentary a Set of Tapas with House Wine or Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights
The Continent Hotel Complimentary Stay for 2 Nights with Free Breakfast
Compass Sky View Complementary stay in a Sky Executive Suite + Complementary dinner for 2 at Prime plus restaurant for a value of THB 2.5K
Adelphi Grande Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citin Pratunam Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Omni Tower Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Aspen Suites Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Admiral Suites Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Hotels in Pattaya Prize
Citrus Parc Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citrus Grande Complimentary Stay for 2 Nights with Free Breakfast
Hotel In Chiang Mai Prize
Art Mai Gallery Hotel Complimentary Stay for 2 Nights with Free Breakfast
Hotel in UK Prize
White Swan Hotel Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Lion Hotel Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citrus  Hotel Cardiff Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citrus Hotel Cheltenham Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citrus Hotel Eastbourne Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Lace Market Complimentary Stay for 2 Nights with Free Breakfast
Hawkwell house Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Victoria Hotel Complimentary Stay for 2 Nights with Free Breakfast
Citrus Hotel Coventry Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Best Western Plus Milford Complimentary Stay for 2 Nights with Free Breakfast
Best Western Queen Dundee Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast
Goglasgow Hotel Complimentary Stay for 1 Nights with Free Breakfast


  • All F&B prizes are valid from till 30th August & all winner would be hand e-voucher or special code that needs to be presented on the venue.
  • All room related prize are subject to availability & prize can be claimed in between 15th July to 31st
  • Campaign post would be made on the day of match & contest would end before the start of the game of each day.
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BEST WESTERN PLUS Milford Hotel had entered CHS Awards 2018

Lord Sugar will see you now…

The Boardroom.

Is it a scary and intimidating arena of darkness or a humble room filled to the brim with opportunity for those with the passion and skill to seize it? Two sides of the same coin.

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have grouped together to discuss progress and projects back when the very first meetings were arranged to brainstorm erecting the iconic boulders at Stonehenge through to the performance reviews which the management team responsible for building the great pyramids of Giza must have no doubt had to endure. Oh yes, we as a race have continually understood that organised meetings are the best way to get people together in order to communicate ideas and achieve greatness. Born out of these humble meetings became one of the largest, most respected and most important industries in the world – Meetings and Events.

Our Boardroom at the Best Western Plus Milford Hotel has been the theatrical setting for some of greatest meetings ever to take place in God’s own powerhouse county of Yorkshire.

Set as we are by the side of the Great North Road which was for centuries one of the most important roads in Great Britain, linking together as it does two great nations through their respective capitals Edinburgh and London. It’s still easy to imagine on a cold night the clip, clip-clopping of a Black Bess mounted Dick Turpin on his legendry final journey from London to York passing the front of our prominent local hotel. The difference being these days where once the road was lined with coaching inns for weary travellers on the road to dismount and enjoy an ale, we now have the some of the finest hotels and state of the art venues in the world for industry professionals to park up, unwind and meet together with like-minded individuals.

The importance of holding coordinated meetings along this highway is something that has been understood for centuries and private meeting rooms in coaching houses and secluded corners in taverns from the days of yore would eventually give way to the modern boardroom and these are relied on in the present day more than ever.

Some of the finest companies have hired their best employees within these four walls and conversely, some stern disciplinaries have also been undertaken. So rare is it that a room can hold such different fates for those individuals engaged in career depending battle royales.

Indeed, our Boardroom puts everyone in the spotlight. From gritty company audits to outstanding business reviews, delicate conference calls to anticipation building waiting areas our Boardroom here at the Best Western Plus Milford Hotel is a no-nonsense meeting space for serious business discussions.

Above all, we believe a boardroom should be understated, classy and private. A room that puts your meeting first. Gimmick free and humble.

At the heart of the Boardroom at the Best Western Plus Milford Hotel is the solid, dark wood, reliable and unjudging oval shaped boardroom table. As soon as you enter the room our table sets the tone. A tone that echoes with class and quality (quality, quality). Fifteen stone of unforgiving English wood held aloft by two unyielding chrome legs.

Three well framed, classic French drawings of globe designs adorn the walls, their purpose is to set the tone of the meeting and help encourage a creative mindset and safe setting for delegates to crunch figures and solve problems as they journey across the perilous sea of industrial finance and traverse huge graphical mountain ranges on Microsoft Excel (or Mac equivalent).

The Boardroom can accommodate a maximum of six ‘titans’ at once so businesses have to carefully select their most prudent gladiators to enter the arena to get the best possible results for their respective companies.

Boardrooms are the engine rooms of modern-day business and like any engine, they need to be looked after by specialists. The staff at the Best Western Milford Hotel are our precision engineers who understand that instead of oil and combustion – these engines run on a steady supply of coffee and water. Delegates need to be primed in order to engage and get the most out of their hire for the room.

Sometimes meetings only last for an hour, others last for days. What is key for any meeting that we are honoured to play host to, is that the time frame is understood, respected and adhered to. From the precise delivery time of their freshly ground aromatic coffee to the painstaking creation of each delegate place – complete with cooled mineral water, sweet cordials, fresh fruit, ample delegate paper and reliable pens – the organiser’s schedule has to come first. That is the tune to which we dance. Respect for the schedule is the cornerstone of delivering a successful meeting, without respect the meeting all falls apart.

As with Arthur’s table at Camelot, our boardroom table has no place for a head. All who sit at the table are equal, all voices are heard – except of course for the one who takes the minutes, they don’t speak – this is often the first great role to be decided at the very top of the meeting. All factors are considered including handwriting, spelling ability, and previous reliability until a worthy candidate is handed this honourable and responsible role.

With each place setting including delegate paper and pens, every meeting attendee is a potential candidate for this master of the minutes role, an equal playing field for all men and women, young and old, although only the worthiest will eventually be gifted the honour.

Now, with the minute taker decided, the battle lines are drawn in the shape of the meeting agenda.

Laptops at dawn. Somewhere there is a bullet point with your name on it.

Six or seven pre-determined points of interest. Not everyone has their eyes on the same points. What is most likely is that there is one point in the agenda that each of our heroes specialises in. They’ve done their preparation and their PowerPoint slides speak for themselves. The preparation that had to be submitted by close of play on the Friday before this meeting and all did…eventually.

As the projector begins to wake and opens its weary eyes to focus on the well-kept screen in front of it, it knows nothing of the importance in what it is destined to show or the journey it will take over the course of the day. A projector doesn’t discriminate and only speaks the truth. Never fear oh little projector, do your job and show us ours. Projector joins with Laptop and Laptop in turn, connects with Speakers but finishing this glorious ensemble of orchestral information is the constant stream of free WiFi provided by Router. Router unlocks a world of information and expands the four walls of the humble boardroom onto another platform infinite in its size without boundaries. All of the knowledge in the universe is now only a finger tap away.

The lighting has been adjusted to ease the delegate’s eyes ready to digest the information in front of them. Blackout curtains closed. Spotlights are still on though, so to give the players in this rumble a fair chance of note taking and addressing each other.

Now we are ready to meet.

Coffee and tea are on a steady flow into the suite as information, excuses, reasons, and questions are routinely shouted, passed, whispered and muttered around the room or under abated breath. Some grow in their seats while others shrink.  Where oh where is that paper you had last night? You’re sure you packed it – you saw it this morning. In to the minutes it goes, a message under ‘Action’ follows up information to be sent as a matter of urgency. Close of Play. Close of Play? This is no game – this is business.

The whistle goes for the pre-determined halftime break (it was in the agenda) as the buffet is effortlessly paraded into the room by our experienced industry professionals. Barriers drop as delegates receive the treats from the friendly faced smiling hotel staff. Then they tuck into their well-deserved meals. Keep your strength up – you’re going to need it for this next round.

Well-fed and with a second wind, the delegates ready themselves as the meeting recommences. Hatches are battened down as our champions sail through the stormy waters of agenda points four, five and six and get to the eventual sigh and handshake of a successful meeting completed. Everyone now knows what they must do before the next. Lines are drawn and effort will be applied over this next month or quarter.

With blagged heads and full bellies each delegate exits stage right, the arena has done its job. Ready to be turned down and around for the next bout and as these tired and weary delegates start their respective journeys home they think back to the setting of that meeting. A boardroom sure, but never boring.

Now, the hotel supervisor picks up the events sheet to file away and turns to the catering team;

“Any other business?” asked with confidence and humility.

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Compass Hospitality’s Guide to Celebrate Songkran in Thailand

As from John’s experience, we can say that Songkran can be fun filled event for all, no matter from which part of the world are you from. So here are some quick guides regarding Songkran which our guest can know, in-order to have pleasant and memorable Songkran celebration in Thailand.


What is Songkran?

Songkran is popular for being a water splashing festival throughout the country during the hottest time of the year. However, for those who are not as clued up on Thai history, Songkran is actually a celebration of Thai New Year during mid-April from 13th to 15th. Traditionally, Thai families would visit relatives to receive blessings and ask for forgiveness from their seniors. In the modern day, Songkran has become a one of the biggest water festival in the world.

What are “Dos & Don’ts” for Songkran?


  1. Put your mobile phone & wallet/purse in a water proof zip lock to avoid it from getting wet. As for water-proof zip lock, you can buy it in any convenient store.
  2. Thai culture is still bit conservative hence it is recommended to wear colorful Songkran dress rather than transparent & in-appropriate dresses.
  3. Leave behind your passport or other travel document in hotel itself and carry a copy of it or take a picture of it on phone, if, required you show it to the concerned party.
  4. Apply sun screen lotion and keep your self-hydrated as it one of the hottest period in Thailand.
  5. Lastly always be cheerful & respectful to others while deciding to play or not while not willing to play Songkran.


  1. Use of banned equipment is big no as it might get you into a trouble with law or you might end up hurting someone. Hence it best advisable to stick with water buckets or light water guns
  2. Please don’t apply powders on people forcefully as it might be considered indecent touching & some people might be allergic to it, hence its best suggested to ask people’s consent before doing so.
  3. Alcohol consumption at large amount is completely discouraged as you might end up hurting yourself or other. So, its best advisable to enjoy this festival in sober state of mind.
  4. Don’t wear a shoe or flip-flop with not so strong grip as floor gets bit slippery due to wet floors
  5. Don’t throw water on motorcyclist as it might cause an accident.
  6. Lastly, don’t be aggressive or irresponsible while playing Songkran, be it for use of water or while playing with other.

Where to go play Songkran in Bangkok?


Probably the largest and wildest crowd in Bangkok; The entire 5 km length of this street – mostly known for Patpong – is packed on two levels with thousands of young Thais carrying anything that can spray water.


RCA holds the most creative events that combine clubbing styles and water fights together. Each club brings you your favorite DJs/ singers, from both international and locals scene, to their own yards. The biggest event in RCA is called S20 Songkran festival where they have DJ line ups for 3 nights. You will feel like you are in a miniature of Ultra Music festival plus water splashing.

Hope our guide to celebrate Songkran might have been of some help to you all in-order to experience a pleasant & memorable time celebrating this awesome festival while staying with us at our compass hotels which offers you a special offers during this period for you to enjoy. Click here for more information on our exclusive summer promotion.

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Why Not Take a Spring Break in the United Kingdom?


The United Kingdom offers many attractive choices for an ideal break with your family this coming spring season. The longer days and pleasant weather make for pleasant conditions to visit the blooming countryside as well as numerous other attractions in the United Kingdom. Here are just a few of the things you can do during the spring holidays before the summer crowds arrive.

Have an Adventure and Explore the Great Outdoors

The spring season is when you can really have an outdoor escape and breathe some fresh air into your life. Breakaway from your daily routine and explore the UK by visiting its historic sites, cycling through the countryside along scenic routes, and experience the bright lights of the UK’s many cities.

Visit the Historic Attractions

There are some interesting attractions in the art and history galleries in Manchester, Oxford and Halifax that offer fascinating exhibitions. Beginning with Manchester, this bustling city offers many sites and stories to discover. Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery is a well-known destination that shows some of the most internationally renowned collections of modern art. The gallery contains 55,000 pieces of artwork, including paintings, textiles, watercolors, prints, drawings and sculptures. Moreover, the gallery also received the ‘Gold Winner Award’ from Visit England Awards for Excellence 2016.


Oxford is a world-famous city reputed for its academics, history and architecture. Oxford is full of picturesque and historic buildings that make it a favorite location for the film industry. There are various TV serials and films that have shot some of their scenes in Oxford such as Christ Church, the Bodleian Library and New College, which was featured in the Harry Potter film series.


Halifax is Calderdale’s largest town, with stunning Victorian architecture and a strong industrial heritage. It is home to the unique Piece Hall, Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, and the Halifax Minster.


Outdoor Activities

As springtime approaches the seaside destinations in the UK become a prime destination for tourists who enjoy walking along white-sandy beaches, the warm weather and cycling along scenic outdoor trails. Eastbourne lies along the southern coast of the United Kingdom and offers itself as a well-known destination for coastal and beachside attractions. In addition, there are many opportunities to experience contemporary artwork at three leading coastal galleries, all linked by a scenic cycling route though Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne.


Inverness >> ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS IN SCOTLAND with thrilling watersports, scenic walking trails, adrenaline-pumping cycling routes and several new extreme sports, your daily dose of exercise is much more likely to be an Instagram-worthy feat than a tiresome chore.


Shrewsbury >> Come and enjoy everything that Shropshire’s Great Outdoors has to offer. Discover the fantastic countryside, exceptional views and wonderful wildlife. Explore our Country Parks, heritage sites and play areas or get active on over 5,500 km’s of Public Rights of Way.


Experience some of the United Kingdom’s Famous City Centres

If perhaps you aren’t looking for countryside or beach destinations then there are still many opportunities to experience the rich and diverse cultures on offer across the United Kingdom’s many city centres. Cities such as Cardiff, Cheltenham, Nottingham and Leeds provide for some great options for such a destination.

Cardiff shopping centre is a well-known shopping centre and it was recently named the 6th best shopping destination in the United Kingdom. Cardiff shopping centre has a combination of designer brands, high street brands, as well as more independent and boutique shops. There are also plenty of cafés, restaurants and bars to stop and relax in.


Cheltenham represents the cultural centre of the United Kingdom’s famous Cotswolds region. Cheltenham offers a variety of quality restaurants and entertainment venues within this elegant town, where many of the architectural and heritage features can still be seen today while still maintaining much of its original culture. Such annual events as the Cheltenham Racecourse ignite a unique buzz in the city, while local venues such as the Brennen and Brown Gin Distillery as well as the many theatres provide for activities to suit every generation.


Nottingham has plenty of things on offer to do any time of the year. Venture out to the great outdoors and discover a fascinating network of caves or the enchanting Sherwood Forest. Nottingham also has a rich history and culture, from Robin Hood and Nottingham Castle to literary heroes such as and DH Lawrence. You may also wish to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Robin Hood and experience the Robin Hood Beer and Cider festival or wonder at the iconic Nottingham Castle. Nottingham is also a great place for a weekend escape to the glorious gardens in the former home of Lord Byron at Newstead Abbey or, if you feel brave enough, you could even join in one of the weekly ghost tours and uncover Nottingham’s mysterious past which make it one of the UK’s most haunted cities.


Leeds >>> Within in the compact city centre, it is just a short walk between designer stores, high street brands, market stalls and independent boutiques, many of which are house within breathtaking Victorian and Edwardian buildings.


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one with our exclusive dining promotions!

Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is a day much eagerly awaited by all the love birds from all over the world to celebrate their love. Valentine’s Day – commonly known as the day where sweethearts spend time with each other and exchange cutesy gifts or where a secret admirer sends chocolates and flowers. It is also a good excuse to get dolled up and go out for dinner!

Although Valentine’s Day is commonly seen as a day reserved for happy couples in a relationship while being the one day single people would like to avoid, don’t forget that everyone – including singles – can take full advantage of the chocolates on sale and the scrumptious dining promotions catered to this occasion.

While many restaurants throughout Bangkok offer great food for such an occasion, we are focusing on the Sukhumvit Area as usual where we have several recommendations of places we have personally tried.

Continue reading →

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book direct & enjoy exclusive benefits

What’s more, book directly with us and get to enjoy the following exclusive benefits



Our Best Rate Guarantee assures you receive the best price when you book directly with us. Should you find a lower rate on any other website, and once these rates and applicable terms & conditions have been verified by our team, you will receive the lower rate PLUS an additional 10% discount.

room_upgradeROOM UPGRADE

We always like to treat our customer who books directly as a VIP customer and for the same reason we provide free room upgrades at exclusive prices. Upgrades may include rooms with desirable views, rooms on high floors, corner rooms, rooms with special amenities, rooms on Executive Floors, or suites. All upgrades are granted on a space-available basis, as determined at the time of check-in. Upgrades are subject to availability and identified by each hotel.

free_wifiFREE Wi-Fi

Travellers will be able to access free Wi-Fi on mobile devices or laptops in guest rooms and social spaces because we want you to stay connected to your business, family and friends.  It’s ideal for browsing and emailing, so you can surf the net while having a coffee in the public areas or relaxing in your room.

Enjoy great saving up to 35%* off on our Best Available Rates when you plan and book your holiday in advance with us directly.


No need to worry for your flexible schedule. Its always a hassle when your flight is flying out late in the evening and then hotels make you check –out at 2 pm leaving you with no shelter, let us know your flexible plan. We’ll help work it out


We have understood that when you travel it is big challenge to get to the hotel as the airport taxis charge you a bomb to ride to the hotel. Also there are other alternatives transportation for you. But it could also turn to a big confusion and even take longer. We trying to solve your messy plan by offering an Airport transfer which you could ask for more information from your respective hotel.

At our selected hotels which have fabulous dining outlets, we offer free credit so that you could enjoy your meals peacefully while you travel whether you like a delicious breakfast, fresh made sandwiches, grilled steaks, chilling with a glass of wine by a rooftop bar, however you like.

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Mother’s day Special

In the occasion of 84th Birthday Anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit’s or Thailand Mother’s Day, Compass Hospitality is celebrating Thai Mother’s day with various of offers for MOM only


The Continent Hotel: Mom dine free

Medinii, Italian Restaurant: looking for the best dinner value? Here you can enjoy good quality food and great atmosphere with reasonable price! With unlimited Pasta&Pizza + unlimited beverage.

Validation: 12 August 2016
Timings : Brunch: 12pm-4pm / Dinner: 6pm-11pm
Price : Brunch THB699++ per person / Dinner THB999++ per person’


Galleria12: Mom dine free

Tabliod Bar&Bistro: All you can eat, Thai buffet with a variety of Thai food offering you in a local taste and style.

Validation: 12 August 2016
Timings : 11:30am – 2:30pm
Price : THB 100 net per person


Galleria10: Mom dine free
@g restaurant Japanese & Italian buffet: Japanese menu choices: Sashimi, Sushi, Yakisoba or rice curry; Ramen; Sushi; Mini chicken black burger, Salad, Cold Soba noodle; Fresh fruits; and Desserts.
Italian menu choices: Pasta; Spaghetti; Pizza; and Lasagna

Validation: 12 August 2016
Timings : 11:30am – 2:30pm
Price : THB 399 net per person

You can also find special offers from the following hotels…

  • ArtMai Gallery Hotel: mother will recieved the “Num prik koi kung”( น้ำพริกก้อยกุ้ง) which is authentic thai food  1 set  FREE OF CHARGE together with jarid healthy drink for mother.
  • On8 Sukhumvit: at On8 Cafe Buy1 get 1 FREE when you order a seasonal drink, get 1 piece of cake to eat along for free
  • Aspen Suites: get 20% discount on Food&Beverage (non-alchohol) only on Mother’s day
  • Legacy Suites: get a smoothies for free when spend THB500
  • Grand Swiss: get 20% discount on food when come with your mother at 180 Sky Lounge&11th Avenue
  • Citrus Parc: get 25% discount at the Palate Restaurant when come with your mom
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Shop & Stay Packages from the Best Hotels in Bangkok


If you love shopping in Bangkok then there is no better time to come than between June and August, when the Amazing Thailand Grand Sales take place. With shops offering fantastic discounts on clothes, jewellery and electrical goods, you can stock up on all your dream purchases at a fraction of the price. From 15 June 15 August, many shops will get involved in the Thailand Amazing Grand Sale, from Bangkok shopping malls to small local business, but the discount rate will vary. You will also find plenty of offers on hotels, flights, activities and much more. The discounts range from 10% to 90% with a variety of exclusive offers for tourists


Here are some discount guideline from us at the EM district– Emporium and EmQuatier (Location: BTS Prompong  Station)

  • 10% Discount in Department Store
  • 90% Discount in Shopping Complex
  • 6% Discount in VAT Refund


  • Get FREE Herbs Traditional Inhaler when show “The Em District Shopping Map” at customer and tourist service center
  • Get FREE NARAYA Pouch when spending up to 3,000THB
  • Get FREE Wi-Fi for 2hrs. + extra2hrs when spending up to 2,000THB

*Terms&Conditions may apply

You can also visit….

The Siam Paragon shopping center in Bangkok is decorated for the Christmas and New Year holidays.
The Siam Paragon shopping center in Bangkok is decorated for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Siam Paragon: one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia. Opened on December 9, 2005, it includes a wide range of specialty stores and restaurants as well as a multiplex movie theatre and the Sea Life Ocean World (Underwater world) aquarium (the largest aquarium in South East Asia) and an exhibition hall.

Location: BTS Siam Station

Siam Center: Siam Center offers visitors the opportunity to get an experience of cutting-edge technology. With every step you take in Siam Center, you are in the middle of future innovations. You will enjoy the experience of having a close interaction with all technological advances

Location: BTS Siam Station


Central Embassy: Enjoy the experience of high-end brands completely engulfing your senses, with Central Embassy’s seven top stores designed with iconic features embodied in their respective exteriors and interiors: Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Miu Miu and Hermes. Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Prada are duplex stores, allowing shoppers to revel in two floors of glamour and abundance

Location: BTS Chitlom Station

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Summer Break Events in UK


BBC Countryfile Live is delighted to be taking its home within the spectacular grounds of Oxfordshire’s historic Blenheim Palace.

Blenheim Palace is the home of the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. This National Treasure, houses some of the finest antique collections in Europe and boasts over 300 years of history to discover.

Explore this World Heritage Site set in more than 2000 acres of ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped Parkland and tour the array of Formal Gardens, or take the miniature train to the family-friendly Pleasure Gardens.

Blenheim Palace is not only an iconic part of history, but also a living, changing experience with a wealth of events, themed tours and exhibitions throughout the year.

Blenheim Palace is Britain’s Greatest Palace and offers visitors a precious time, every time.



Summer Nights is the perfect way to spend an evening under the stars with friends and family. Upon your arrival you will greeted by the stunning grounds of one of our 14 venue partners. Set up your spot on the lawn seating area, then sit back and enjoy the atmosphere until the film starts on the big screen around 30 minutes after sunset.

There will be hot food and a drinks vendors onsite*; The Tipsy Pigs will be selling hog roast & burgers amongst other tasty items from their converted VW Camper. Festival partner Hooper’s will be providing a relaxed bar and seating area, where you can try out their delicious range of Hooper’s alcoholic brews and Franklin & Sons soft drinks.


The Open Air Theatre Festival returns to the Tuckwell Amphitheatre, in the heart of Cheltenham, from 16th July for two weeks.

This gem of an outdoor festival, tucked away in a secluded corner of Dean Close School, plays host to sublime jazz, classic drama, inspiring Shakespeare, colourful family entertainment, local talent and the enchanting Cinema Under the Stars; for two weeks at the end of July every summer.

So why not pack a hamper, pop a bottle of sparkling wine on ice and grab yourself some tickets for the hottest festival of theatre, alfresco? It really is an enchanting place to be entertained with friends on a balmy summer’s evening.



Soak up the sights and sounds of life centuries ago at this magnificent medieval tournament.  Taking centre stage are the bravest knights in the land – the superstars of their day – armed and ready to do battle until there’s just one man standing.  With fascinating demonstrations of falconry, plus medieval games and family activities, everyone will have the chance to   play their part in this special tourney.


The Carnival will take place on the 13 & 14 August 2016. There will also be an official Carnival after party. The theme for this year’s Carnival is Bajan, also celebrating the 50th anniversary of Guyana. The Parade will start from Alexander Park at 12.30pm. At this year’s carnival visitors can enjoy foods from ‘all around the Caribbean.



Celebrating the city’s 121st Halifax-Dartmouth Natal Day (1895 – 2016), the Natal Day Festival runs from July 29th until August 1st, 2016.

More than 30 events that include family activities, live concerts, road races, talent showcase, one of the oldest parades in Atlantic Canada and a spectacular fireworks show launched from a barge in the middle of Halifax Harbour.

Created with a commitment to provide low cost/no cost activities wherever possible, there’s something special planned for every age.

For more information about the Natal Day Festival, we invite you to look through the website and reserve time to join in the fun. Our final event up-dates will be listed by May 1st, 2016.

Save the dates and plan to attend!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2016 Halifax-Dartmouth Natal Day Festival in Halifax

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5 open markets in Bangkok that you need to visit



Artbox Bangkok is a cool new pop-up market with a difference: the stalls are housed in giant metal shipping containers which can be moved around the city. It’s currently on Sukhumvit road, next to Bejasiri park. Talking about differentiation of the market among others, the stuff here is still cheap, but there is more of a focus on local designers, vintage fashion, handmade accessories, funky gadgets and hip home décor items.

Pic Cr:


Train Market, Ratchada

“Train” means “Rod Fai” in Thai. The market was first located at an old train station by Kampangpaetch area that’s how they come up with such a name even the location has been changed but the amosphere still remains. The train market has its own unique sytle. Most of the vendors are young and passionate, a variety of handmade items are displayed and they sell it in a very individualistic way. Another main merchandise is a second hand stuff with great quality and at a very low price. The market is open Thu-Sat from 6pm-12 pm.

Pic Cr:


JJ weekend market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is a must-visit place for tourists. Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees – this is where you can literally shop ‘till you drop’.

Chatuchak has more than 8,000 market stalls. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors come here to go through the goods on offer. If you have one weekend in Bangkok, squeeze in a day trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will not be disappointed.

Pic Cr:


Siam Gypsy Junction

Gypsy Market was once part of JJ Green settled in an area that soon-to-be MRT Bang Son station. The vendors carry stuff almost the same as train market but somehow offer more individual design and handmade goods. Go there by MRT Thai Cultural Center. Open Thu-Sun 5pm-1am

Pic Cr:


Liab Duan Night Market

Drive a little further out of town and you’ll find this market whose name in Thai means “the market located along the expressway.” This night market transforms 17 rai of land in the Ramintra-Ekkamai neighborhood into pandemonium, with bumper-to-bumper cars crowding the entrance every evening. Open daily 5pm-2am

Pic Cr:

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